La Pebra's is an authentic retro classic, born in 1904. It was the first product developed by the newly-formed Ashley Miller and Sons, along with hair 'pomade', and it was the first hair gel to be launched in South Africa. During the Union of South Africa, La Pebra's rapidly became the order of the day amongst spruce 'n dashing British officers seeking to impress young women.

Over the next century, La Pebra's popularity was to extend from guys to gals, as they too discovered the brand's holding and styling properties.

Today La Pebra's is still manufactured according to the original formula.

Ducktails and Jukeboxes

The Blue Moon Hotel was an icon for a certain generation of people who remember its specially built sprung dance floor and, most importantly, its bi-weekly dances, which became known as 'twist sessions'. This atmosphere of diner-kitsch, jukebox style and La Pebra-slick ducktails gained a cult following to those who remembered the decadent evenings of dance at the hotel.
"Last Twist at the Blue Moon Hotel",
directed by Royston Stoffels, choreographed by Christopher Kindo,
release published on http://www.artlink.co.za/news_article.htm?contentID=20024

Make Love Not War

Mense wat in die 70's of later gebore is, weet waarskynlik nie wat 'n "LP" of 'n "seven single" is nie. Die eienaar van hierdie fiets weet duidelik, en het dalk 'n verlore passie oor vergange se dae. Dalk sluit haar (of sy) musieksmaak "The Midnight Special", of "Rock around the Clock", of "Heartbreak Hotel" in. Elvis, die Beatles, Bill Haley, en Marilyn Monroe was ikone. Woorde soos "ducktails", "bell bottoms", "Brylcream", "La Pebras", hippies, "peace", "make love not war", en Woodstock, bring dalk nostalgie en werklike heimwee.
Johann van Staden, in "'n Hollandse Fiets met 'n Storie".

Enchanted Stage Scents

The smell of La Pebra's, crushed resin, the sweet smell of stage smoke, the waxy smell of stage makeup and the musky, dusty smell of old costumes and scenery remind me of every time I set foot on the stage, dancing my heart out. I'd then see us all warming up in the wings, looking like strange and magnificent creatures in our heavy makeup, and I'd hear the creak of the backdrops swaying in the ever-present draught and the tap-tap-tap of pointe shoes on the sprung floors. And I'd long to do it all just once more.
Ilde Roos, "Wake up and Smell the Roses",
blogger on Yellow Door at OFM 94 – 97 and language practitioner, University of the Free State.
Read the rest of her delightful article about the evocative power of scent, published on http://www.ofm.co.za/news.asp?nid=5233
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