• Wash and condition hair as usual.

    Pour a dollop of La Pebra's Hair Fixing & Styling Cream Gel into your hands and rub them together to spread the gel evenly on your palms and through your fingers.

    Work through your wet hair. (If you apply the gel to blow-dried hair, the curls become very hard.)
  • Blow dry hair straight.

    Make a deep side parting to the crown of your head with a comb.

    The side parting (instead of a centre parting) conveys that sophisticated 1940's look.
  • Insert medium-sized heated rollers on the sides and top part of the head. Use the larger ones for the bottom part of the head.

    The trick is to insert the hair rollers vertically like a barrel-shape to get that classic 1940's wave (instead of the usual horizontal way).

    Depending on the length of your hair, and how well it takes to curling, remove after 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Use 'finger waving' to shape the curls out gently. You can also use curling tongs.

    Apply hair spray to hold the curls. (If you don't have hair spray, a little La Pebra's diluted with water in a pump bottle works wonders).

    Pin your hair up on the side with the parting, with bobby pins or a pretty ornamental clip.

    On the other side, let your hair fall seductively in front of your shoulder and partly over the eye.

    Voilà!  You’re ready to step out ‘n tease...
Touchable hair.   Natural sheen.   Catwalk looks.